Cynapse Planning Services supports customers in defining and developing product and business plans. We offer our services by embedding our experts into client organisations to work alongside the innovation team or as a stand alone function to independently develop plans or validate existing ones.


Product commercialisation is an underestimated step for creating wealth. At Cynapse we adopt a gated process that balances technological, financial and strategy development to ease through

the commercialisation process.




Effective business planning is critical to creating a sustainable and successful business model. Cynapse offers standalone or embedded client services to generate robust business plans suitable for internal and external investment reviews.

Our approach comprises a five step process creating effective planning cycles that directly feed into a business plan. We use these tools for either a standalone planning cycle or part of a team planning, using a modified Delphi approach, to iterate a business or product plan.


  1. Competitive advantage: Your innovation should provide a unique competitive position for the enterprise in the marketplace;

  2. Business alignment: The differentiating factors of your innovation should be conceptualized around the key strategic focus of the enterprise and its goals;

  3. Customers: Understanding the customers who will benefit from your innovation is paramount;

  4. Execution: Identifying resources, processes, risks, partners and suppliers and the ecosystem in the market for succeeding in the innovation is equally important;

  5. Business value: Assessing the value (monetary, market size, etc.) of the innovation and how the idea will bring that value into the organisation is a critical underlying factor in selecting which ideas to pursue.

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