Strategic planning can provide an overall strategic direction to the management of the organization and gives a specific direction to areas like financial strategy, marketing strategy, organizational development strategy and human resources strategy, to achieve success.

The best product, services, goals and management teams are of little use without a well constructed business strategy. Without a business strategy it is impossible for a corporation to have long term plan or method to achieve objectives or goals, which are key to any type of strategic planning.

At Cynapse, we understand the importance of an effective strategy to the success of a business. Based on our experience of defining business strategies and new product ventures, we have the requiste capabilites to develop a coherent strategy for your business or specifically for your product.

Business Strategy


A strong business strategy is the backbone of an effective company. Strategic planning is about making choices, establishing priorities, allocating resources to strategic initiatives and co-ordinating to achieve the desired results. A business strategy benefits all sizes of organisations, although the approach is likely to differ. It provides a common perspective on the direction of the organisation and provides an aide memoire for decision-making.


A business strategy provides management with a benchmark to measure a company's success or failure. As Peter Drucker, the famous management guru, said: "What gets measured improves."  To create successful measures, it is vital to be clear about what a company is tryng to achieve. 

Product Strategy


The essential goal of a product strategy is to ensure a product is developed that delivers busines value to customers to meet financial goals. The strategy needs to articulate the value to the customers as this underpins the investment  and development approach. It is a common mistake to leave the product strategy until the innovative technology is mature and about to turn into a product.  At this time it can be far too late, a product strategy should be written earlier when a potential for a product has been identified. The strategy then provides guiding priniciples throughout the innovation to keep development aligned with the goals and objectives. The strategy also provides a clear view when a product pivot is required rather than gradual, and therefore costly, deviation away from the intended plan.


The product strategy provides a multi-faceted approach that describes the market strategy, profiles the target customers, specifies the approach to pricing, identifies the financial goals, indicates the key priorities for development enhancement and provides a roadmap for delivery.

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